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Microblog: How Restriction Can Lead To Obsession and Bingeing (Part 2/3)

Remember, some of the men missed eating, so they chewed up to 40 sticks of gum and drank over 80 oz of coffee—every day.

Let’s assume the gum was sugar-free.

🍬A typical sugar-free gum has about 2 g of sugar alcohols. These gums use maltitol and other sweeteners that raise your blood sugar (and insulin).

❗️So if the average participant consumed 40 sticks of gum, they had 80g of sugar alcohols.

Just from gum. All day long.

‼️That’s 3,360 sticks of gum or 6,720 g of sugar alcohols for the duration of the Starvation phase of the study.

🥔This does not consider ANY of the other sugars consumed from their carb-heavy meals. .

🎢Imagine their sugar/insulin rollercoaster.

🔥Imagine the stress on adrenals with cortisol, epinephrine and other hormones. The adrenals come to help with hormones because of dips in sugar and stress.

❌Being in a long experiment of undereating likely negatively impacted their adrenals.

☕️Coffee. 80 oz every day.

💦If you read my caffeine post, coffee can directly cause anxiety and panic attacks. Additionally, they were dehydrating their bodies by consuming coffee over water.

💧The rule of thumb is that we should be drinking 1.5-2 oz. of water for every diuretic ounce we drink.

80 oz?

💥So these participants were eating a restricted diet of very few calories and high carbs for six months, with a constant feed of sugar alcohols and anxiety-producing coffee.

😓They never stood a chance.

🦋If you’re getting by with long fasts and drips of coffee, consider your hormone and thyroid health.

💡Stimulants give you an extra oomf of energy but it’s not ideal for longevity.

💔Your missed periods, hot flashes, cold hands and feet, poor sleep and hair loss, will be the telltale signs.

≠ Remember, being thin does not always equate to health.

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