Microblog: Other Options of Fish with Lower Amounts of Mercury

Not everyone loves sardines. Here are other options of fish with lower amounts of mercury based on an FDA report from 1990 – 2012.

📖In @CarnivoreCure, I explain that our exposure to mercury toxicity is not really due to seafood.

🦈Yes, if you eat tilefish, swordfish and bigeye tuna daily, you risk a higher chance of mercury toxicity.

☠️But oftentimes mercury toxicity is from amalgam fillings, CFL bulb exposures (when broken) and vaㄸines.

We also begin life with mercury passed down in utero.

🤱🏻If your baby has high levels of mercury, I’d pause on getting vaㄸines. See my recent write-up which includes interesting facts on childhood vaㄸines. This type of data only exists because of this “special” time.

💇🏻‍♀️If you took a hair mineral test and found you have high circulating mercury levels in the body, you may want to hold off on chelating.

⚠️There are several schools of thought with detoxing but always make sure the detox pathways are clear (liver and kidneys), and never ever chelate with amalgam fillings still in your teeth.


🚨Heavy metal detox is very bioindividual and complex that I don’t recommend getting heavy metal detox support from social media and then doing a DIY. Work with an experienced heavy metal practitioner (that can prove results).

‼️You can chelate or detox incorrectly, shake up the heavy metals in the body and then get some of it stored in the brain.

NEVER a good idea.

🐟Always opt for the smaller fatty fish as they have less mercury risks than bigger fish. Swipe to see an example.

We need high-quality fatty fish for many nutrients. But one important reason is to balance our omega levels in the cells.

💊I’ve had several clients with higher omega 6 levels that have reduced them with fish intake at least 4 times a week (and with high-quality triglyceride forms of fish oil supplements.)

✔️You can check your cell’s omega levels with tests like omegacheck and omegaquant.

Fish is a superfood. Fish like salmon, roe and sardines have some of the most nutrient density per ounce. Don’t worry about mercury with smaller fish— it’s a red herring and we have bigger fish to fry. 😅

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