Microblog: Carbs and Fat = Randle Cycle Risk

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Part of the issue with the Standard American Diet is that it mixes two energy sources: fatty acids and glucose.

It’s not just the food quality.

🧐We have to essentially pick a side.

🍯This may be why paleo doesn’t work so perfectly– if you switch your seed oils for animal fats and switch your processed carbs for dried fruits and honey, at first you will be far better off.

💔But eventually, many will plateau in weight and health improvements as you have to pick an energy source side.

⚠️We are not meant to constantly get energy from carbs and from an abundance of high fat. Never in nature did we see plenty of both.

⚠️By choosing to eat both energy sources daily, (even quality carbs and fats), you activate the Randle cycle.

⚠️And when the Randle cycle is constantly “on,” your cells will self-preserve by blocking the efficient use of fatty acids and the use of glucose.

Hello insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and obesity.

🚨This isn’t popular opinion but eating hamburger and a soda isn’t that different from eating ground beef with honey and orange juice.

🔥Sure, the nutrient density is starkly different but both carry the risk of metabolic syndrome.

🌱Vegans choose the glucose pathway and do relatively well… until they become nutrient-depleted and start to be unwell.

🍃Some vegans properly supplement and can do well for longer but if you have to supplement your diet because of missing nutrients, it’s likely not an ideal diet for humans.

🐄Animal-kingdom-only (meat-only) carnivores do well because they choose the side of fatty acids.

⚠️But once you mix in carbs (and no one knows the exact threshold of carbs that is safe for you), you put yourself at risk for metabolic syndrome.

⚠️With the mixing of both energy sources, metabolic syndrome is not a matter of IF. It’s a matter of WHEN.

🥩A meat-only carnivore diet is powerful. But when you add in carbs, it loses a lot of it’s potential for healing.

📺Check out the full YT episode: https://youtu.be/qaW1n0HAi2w

🎙NwJ Podcast: https://nutritionwithjudy.buzzsprout.com/1848795/10298177-dangers-of-mixing-carbs-and-fat-randle-cycle-discussion-bart-kay

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