Microblog: Calcium and Osteoporosis – Things You Need to Know

Since we’ve been talking so much about eggs, it only makes sense to talk about calcium. Yes, some carnivores grind up eggshells to a fine powder for calcium. (Especially those that don’t consume dairy).⠀
❗️But calcium is not that simple.⠀
⚠️Most of us are not deficient in calcium because of too little calcium in the body. We are deficient because just like so many other biochemical things happening in the body, it is the deficiency of an enzyme, cofactor, mineral or a damaged gut that is causing insufficient calcium.⠀
🔁This is why I say over and over that fixing a deficiency with the deficient nutrient is not ideal. (Let’s not even start with hormones).⠀
💡Find the root cause. Why is there a deficiency in calcium? What is causing the deficiency? Get to the root cause. Don’t plug holes and stick on band-aids. It’ll never solve the issue long term. It’s not a simple process to get to the root cause but filling deficiencies with supplements and creams, long term— should never be the solution.⠀
❓Will you keep dosing up vitamin D, calcium, thyroxine or progesterone? What will you do in 10 years? Do you plan to take your exogenous support for your deficiency forever? If your answer is “hopefully not,” then get to the root cause. Question your doctor. Every single medicine has a consequence. Every single one.⠀
💊You don’t want excess calcium either. That’s how you can get calcification in random parts of your body. Hello, bone spurs.⠀
🥩Eat what nature intended. But first and foremost, heal the gut. That usually takes care of 80% of the problems.⠀
📖I’ll leave you with this study:⠀
In a separate analysis using data from a 1997 survey, the researchers found that women with a dietary calcium intake of 1,400 mg or more daily who also took a calcium tablets (500 mg of calcium) had a 2.57-fold risk of death from all causes compared to women with a calcium intake of 600 mg to 999 mg daily. Further analysis revealed that, in women with a high dietary intake of calcium, the addition of a calcium supplement increased the risk of death in a dose-dependent fashion.⠀
Source: http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/beware-of-calcium-supplements-/

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