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Welcome to the #Carnivore75Hard FREE Program

Because of overwhelming demand for #Carnivore75Hard, we have opened a FREE #Carnivore75Hard program. 

I highly recommend reviewing the program. it just may change your life. Best of all it’s free. NO EXCUSES.  

You can learn more here

What Is #Carnivore75Hard?

We all desire to be our best selves. We want to change and for the better. But often times, real life gets in the way and many of those days, it’s easier to go back to old habits.

Habits take about 66 days to stick. But studies have also shown that it’s not the timeframe that’s important but the how often that matters.

#Carnivore75Hard has both covered.

#Carnivore75Hard is a mental toughness challenge to support you through 75 days of dedicated consistency. By focusing hard on diet, healing, movement, mindset and community, after 75 days you will see your grit and resiliency.

Most of all, you will see your transformation.

We all desire to be our best selves but sometimes it’s easier with a little camaraderie and support from the community.

My husband led me onto @andyfrisella. While he’s a little brash, I frankly like the raw, realness. I tend to like tough love. It gets me moving. Andy’s probably as real as you’re going to get.

While this is an adaptation of his #75Hard and true followers of his would say this is a disgrace, it’s my spin on it for holistic health. The premise is the same.

WORK on these things. Work on it HARD.

SEE your resiliency, transformation and grit.

Most people DO NOT make it until the end for #75Hard.

But the carnivore community is different. Let this mental toughness challenge change you.

Like Frisella says, no more unicorn and rainbows. It’s time for 75 days of HARD.


I don’t like using the word hard because it psychologically puts a negative spin on the process but you know what? It IS hard. Let’s keep it real. Keep it that we ALL did something butt-friggin-hard during the holidays.

And I’ll be right there when you need a little motivation. And when others need motivation, they can be lifted by your motivation.

Share your journey.

Use #Carnivore75Hard

Now are you willing to put in the work? Are you willing to do #Carnivore75Hard

Welcome to #Carnivore75Hard. Let's get back to optimal health

37 thoughts on “#Carnivore75Hard”

      1. Hi, thinking about joining this…so if we have coffee with heavy cream it should be during the 8 hour eating window? is it considered a snack?

        1. Great question, I’ll add it to the FAQ. Yes, if you have HWC it’s a break from the fast and should be consumed during 8 hour eating window. Black coffee is permitted during the fast. It would technically be considered a snack BUT drinking coffee with your meals is really not good for digestion. So, just have it during the 8 hour window, away from meals and you’re fine.

          1. Nutrition with Judy

            Ideal is no large amounts of liquids 30 minutes before and after meals but sip water, as needed. Just try not to guzzle water as it will dilute your stomach acid and also raise your pH when we need it to be low to aid in digestion.

  1. Thank you Judy for this, it will help so many of us that do a little lick and end up with a bowl of treats!!!

  2. I love this challenge!
    As a addiction counselor I like to share what I tell some people. When you slip up it dosen’t erase your past success. Learn from your slip up and continue on. Sugar and alcohol are very similar addictions. If you give in and have a drink or an ice cream STOP yourself , learn by forgiving yourself and continue on your journey. It only erases your past success if you continue to drink or eat sugar. If stop and continue it is a lesson and part of your recovery.

    1. Nutrition with Judy

      I really love this. I’m going to email you about possibly doing a Q&A on my YouTube channel. It would be so helpful for our community to learn tools and get support on ways to beat addictions. Thank you for posting! Will be in touch soon!

  3. So excited for this challenge! Love this community!!! So want to lose my sugar cravings once and for all and know this is what I need. Will be hard but worth it!! Thank you!!

  4. I got a hard-a$$ for an accountability person.. I started an IF circle on the LifE app (Carinvore75Hard), and made posts about it on IG. Backed myself into a corner – so ready or not, I’m in!! Succeeding at this will be a priceless prize!!

    1. Nutrition with Judy

      YAY! I just added myself to the LIFE app’s Carnivore75hard circle! WE ARE 100% IN! Can’t wait to change our lives!


    One week to go! Thank you for the challenge Judy. I’m very excited to begin and to succeed. Watch for my posts!

  6. Thank you Judy! I so appreciate your time! You have inspired me w/carnivore, (mostly) plant free. I feel so much better, in all ways!


  7. YES! I am so excited and ALL IN for this challenge! Your video really hit me HARD! And made me come to the realization I need to do this for myself AND my community. Looking forward to every rough bit!

  8. CarnivoreFitLife

    I so need this right now. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been carnivore for a year and a half and I know the good it has done me, but a recent bout of stress, via a cross country move and I slipped up thinking a little bit of non carnivore here and there wouldn’t hurt. But it hurt! I hurt! I need to get back to strict carnivore and get back to my daily workouts, adding in the fasting and the mindfulness will only help me get back to that happy place sooner! Community is going to be the hard one for me though, I go days and days without seeing another human other than my husband, so I guess I’ll be showering him with compliments, I am expecting my marriage can only be sweeter because of that!

    1. Nutrition with Judy

      I know that slippery slope oh so well. We will be here as a community to uplift one another. And your husband is one lucky man! Blessings to your marriage!

  9. Thank you Judy for doing this. Its an eye opener just reading posts ! I suffer from SIBO and was advised to try this. I look forward to the challenge and a renewed energy level. This SIBO has been kicking my butt. And when I try carnivore for a few days it’s amazing how I feel in a short period of time. Especially my joints and chronic pain. Then i go off the wagon. Determined to stay in track!

  10. What does taking organic psyllium fiber power do in this diet? I’d like to take it, as well as vitamin C with my MSM. Thanks for any info

    1. Nutrition with Judy

      The psyllium fiber powder will change your gut’s ability to have bowel movements on its own. I don’t recommend taking fiber powder but since I don’t work with you I can’t say for sure. If you want to take vitamin C, that’s fine. I’m not dictating supplements.
      But in terms of bowel movements, the best thing is to let your body function properly on its own.

  11. Everyone that knows me, knows I am a hard core person. However, I have to say going Carnivore and living Carnivore is the easiest thing I have ever done. I don’t mean making the decision, that was easy because nothing else worked for me, not even a little. I mean my body and mind just love ruminant animal meat. I am strict Carnivore and loving every minute of it.

  12. How do I make sure I’m officially added to the group? I put in a request to going the private FB group. How do I make sure I’m getting the e-mails also? Thanks! Also, did I miss a week? This is October 17, 2020. I’m starting today. Thanks again for making this available.

    1. Nutrition with Judy

      Hi! just join the facebook group! There’s no real email that goes out often but if you signed up, you’ll get the newsletter coming out Sunday!

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