Offering nutritional therapy with a focus on gut health and root-cause healing with the Carnivore Cure meat-only elimination diet.

Holistic nutrition is based on the foundation that optimal health is not based upon the absence of disease but the overall balance of the whole person. This holistic balance includes diet and lifestyle, including sleep, stress management, movement, self-care and community. The mind, body, spirit, and emotions are integrated and inseparable. 

My holistic nutritional approach is focused on the individual, not a one-size-fits-all approach. We all have our genetic  makeup, ancestral past, healthy history, lifestyle and emotional profile and these must be considered for an individualized plan to achieve and maintain optimal health. 

Health is achieved with treating the root cause of symptoms and disease – not just addressing the symptoms. 

Nutrition with Judy is committed to helping you create healthy lifestyle changes to finally get your life back, heal at the root-cause, and live your best life– ideally med-free. 

Partnering with my clients, we work to create individualized nutrition plans. These functional tools support prevention and healing of disease and allow you to be your best self.

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You can choose to work with Judy Cho or work with one of of the nutritionists trained by Judy Cho. All NwJ nutritionists have been through rigorous nutritional schools and have years practicing as certified nutritionists. The Nutrition with Judy team works together to ensure all clients are properly supported and get the best level of care.


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Testing Review:
$200 Per Test-Type

Reviewing Blood, Stool, Urine, Saliva, Breath Tests for a Keto Carnivore Diet


Judy Cho: $550 (30 min - N/A)
Nutritionists: $250 (30 min - $150)

60 Minute Support for SBA, Nutrition, Wellness, and Lab Test Questions.

She gave me 200% of herself and her follow up notes and instructions were full of precious details related to our session combined with positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy AND nutritional wisdom. I cannot speak more highly of her!!

Julie M. in New York

I heard about Judy, from a friend. I completed a long questionnaire, and then had a consultation with Judy over the phone. She was so kind and helpful, and she gave me hope. I started taking the supplements that she recommended, along with following her dietary advice. I saw significant improvement within a month, and my symptoms continued to gradually improve. Now, almost 4 months later, ALL of my symptoms are gone!

Jackie W. in Indiana

Judy Cho is not just an NTP. She is an inspirer, a motivator, empathetic, extremely knowledgeable and not to mention professional. As someone who has been treated in the functional medicine/holistic health sphere for over two years now, I highly doubt one would even find functional medicine MDs as competent as she is. I trust Judy with my life, which she has saved on multiple occasions and levels. She has helped me heal my body, mind and spirit.

Katie M. in Pennsylvania

Judy has been incredibly knowledgeable, considerate, and persistent in helping me overcome long-term digestion and other problems. She was very generous with her time and went above and beyond expectations to problem solve and collaborate closely on issues I was having, not giving canned responses or band-aids, but digging deep into underlying root causes. I would recommend Judy to anyone struggling with nutritional or other health issues as a first place to look for help.

Scott M. in Massachusetts