The Best Project You’ll Ever Work on is You

We all know that losing weight is hard. We all know that choosing to have optimal health is hard. Whether you are vegan or carnivore, we all know eating fast food daily is not a good idea. We also know that eating liver is one of the nutrient dense foods in the world and cost is not a prohibitor. So why don’t stop the fast foods and start the organ meats?

Because wanting to be our best selves is hard. Really hard. But being sick mentally and physically is even harder. I don’t know you to have to hit “rock bottom” or abject misery to want to change. You can change and you can change now.

I have read countless books and studies on change and habits. Why do some stick and some can never get it together? It’s a very complex idea but one fundamental commonality for every book and study is getting to know yourself.

The #Carnivore75Hard bridge support worksheets uses a little bit of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and other motivational activities to help you get to know yourself a little better.

This bridge support is not an easy task. There are some hard questions in the worksheets and it will take some self-introspection to get to the heart of a lot of these answers. I ask that you stay open and take time to really figure out answers to these hard questions.

I know some of you are hard on yourself for not completing #Carnivore75Hard. Forget it. Pick yourself up and move on. There is NO POINT in going through a shame spiral for stopping. If anything, take a moment and figure out what may have caused the stopping and what could have been in place for better results. Take these as learning lessons and move forward.

Shame and being hard on yourself is nothing but counterproductive. So dust yourself off and keep going. You don’t have to officially be doing #Carnivore75Hard but just know that you have a Carnivore community that supports unconditionally. Keep doing Hard because we are ALL in this together.

What is the #Carnivore75Hard Bridge?

25 extra days (JANUARY 24th) to help you prepare to be your best self. The sponsored challenge portion will end on January 1 but the Facebook #Carnivore75Hard private Facebook group will always be available, for as long as Facebook will have us!

It also includes 1 extra item that you want to better for the next 25 days. It is ideal to make it measurable and actionable but YOU decide what that is. You can share your updates on that #6 item if you choose to. Decide what will help you be accountable.

What will the 25 days be used for?

Before the 25 days, I will provide free worksheet supports. I highly recommend everyone downloading the worksheets to make sure you are prepared to continue and do HARD in your life.

These sheets will help you get to know yourself better. The tools in these sheets are the ones discussed in the first 2 videos of this #Carnivore75Hard community challenge. You can watch them here and here.

I also recommend adding your own 6th personal component for #Carnivore75Hard. What is something you want to add and DO daily to improve?

During the #Carnivore75Hard bridge, I will release the Free Carnivore75Hard Community Cookbook. This will give you some extra ideas for meat-based meals.

I will stop posting the #Carnivore75Hard posts in my instagram stories but I will still support on Instagram and Facebook intermittently. The private Facebook group will always be available and I’ll try to support where I can.

I will hold 1–2 more YouTube Q&As answering all your Carnivore questions. Please make sure to follow on YouTube as this allows me to continue and put out free content.

You can download the FREE worksheet supports, HERE.

It is not required for you to be doing #Carnivore75Hard to do the bridge or work on the worksheets of the bridge. I leave it entirely up to you. No matter what, we are in this thing called life together and WE DO HARD.

Let’s make this bridge stronger than ever.



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2 thoughts on “The Best Project You’ll Ever Work on is You”

  1. Truly very inspiring! I have never felt so fired-up and excited to work hard on myself before! Maybe it’s because I haven’t spent more time at myself more to really address these insecurities. Now I’m motivated and encouraged more than I have ever been! Thanks for these very motivational and valuable lessons that you have shared with us!

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