She has helped me heal my body, mind and spirit

Judy Cho is not just an NTP. She is an inspirer, a motivator, empathetic, extremely knowledgeable and not to mention professional. As someone who has been treated in the functional medicine/holistic health sphere for over two years now, I highly doubt one would even find functional medicine MDs as competent as she is. I trust Judy with my life, which she has saved on multiple occasions and levels. She has helped me heal my body, mind and spirit.

Before I started seeing Judy, I was struggling with a very broken/dysbiotic gut and resulting hormonal imbalances and general body dysfunction. And at the time, I had even been intensively working with a very experienced functional medicine MD for over a year, but I was still feeling very much less than optimal physically and discouraged emotionally.

Within a month of working with Judy, I made vast improvements in my digestion and the way I went about my keto/carnivore diet. I continue to experience and achieve new levels of optimal health and healing with Judy’s expertise and guidance. She just gets it: no dogma.

She goes above and beyond and asks hard, unpopular questions to get to the truth regarding nutrition and what is actually healthy. I could not have asked for a better provider, am so honored and privileged to be her client and recommend her to everyone who is serious about seeking optimal health and healing.

Katie M. in Pennsylvania

Went above and beyond expectations

Judy has been incredibly knowledgeable, considerate, and persistent in helping me overcome long-term digestion and other problems. She was very generous with her time and went above and beyond expectations to problem solve and collaborate closely on issues I was having, not giving canned responses or band-aids, but digging deep into underlying root causes. I would recommend Judy to anyone struggling with nutritional or other health issues as a first place to look for help.

Scott M. in Massachusetts

I cannot speak more highly of her!!

Judy Cho is an incredible resource. Not only is she knowledgable, sensitive, smart, and insightful, she also has full empathy for her clients because she’s been there.

I came to work with her after 40+ years of disordered eating and she is the first person I’ve worked with who truly “gets it”, both from the physical and tactical sides of things AND the emotional side. She leads by example and her journey of healing motivated and inspired me to adopt the Carnivore diet to help heal my gut, my overall health, and my relationship with food and my body.

She gave me 200% of herself and her follow up notes and instructions were full of precious details related to our session combined with positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy AND nutritional wisdom. 

I cannot speak more highly of her!!

Julie M. in New York

ALL of my symptoms are gone!

In the fall of 2019, I started dealing with serious digestive issues, which became worse in the months that followed. I could not eat anything without having serious bloating, gas, and severe abdominal pain. Even after eating just a few bites, I felt so full that I had terrible discomfort, as well as experiencing terrible abdominal pain. I was brought to tears many times. I also felt constantly sick on my stomach, and I could not sleep, because of the pain and terrible bloating. I went to my family doctor who felt I had all the symptoms of Sclerosing Mesenteritis, a rare digestive disease. I was referred to a Gastroenterologist, who ordered several tests. Nothing conclusive was discovered, but more testing was recommended. After dealing with this for about 4 months, I heard about Judy, from a friend. I completed a long questionnaire, and then had a consultation with Judy over the phone. She was so kind and helpful, and she gave me hope. I started taking the supplements that she recommended, along with following her dietary advice. I saw significant improvement within a month, and my symptoms continued to gradually improve. Now, almost 4 months later, ALL of my symptoms are gone! I can eat a full meal, a variety of foods, and I am sleeping like a baby! I am very thankful for Judy and her knowledge to help me heal my gut. God certainly used her to help heal my body! 

Jackie W. in Indiana

Her mission is to find root cause healing.

Judy Cho is a bright light shining in the darkness. She looks beyond what typical doctors see. Her mission is to find root cause healing. Her inquisitive nature and willingness to push the norms is a great benefit to all who are struggling and have been let down by modern medicine. 

I have struggled with food intolerance, gut pain, illnesses (mono, strep throat leading to a tonsillectomy, shingles) and a myriad of other symptoms since I was 14. I’m currently 34. Over the years, visits with General Practitioners, Specialists and Naturopaths left me with frustration and more questions than answers. My health continued to deteriorate. In Nov ’20 I began following the protocols outlined in Judy’s book Carnivore Cure. My health has improved in leaps and bounds with a meat-based diet and supplements recommended by Judy. The depth of Judy’s knowledge and ability to look beyond the borders of traditional medicine has truly saved my health and mental well-being. After 20 years of struggling, I am FINALLY healing. Words seem to fall short in expressing my gratitude and appreciation for her work and dedication. It is such a blessing to have Judy as part of my support network. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Judy, for everything you do!

Kaitlyn L. in Washington

Judy is a breath of fresh air

Judy is a breath of fresh air in the “meat-based diet” space. Most carnivores think meat based fixes everything and while it is fantastic some can still have digestive / health challenges which go beyond just transitioning or salt intake. 


She is smart enough to realize this and is a great filter of information collaborating with other like-minded folks such as Elliot Overton and Dr. Robert Cywes . This is why I think her symptom based assessment and recommended protocols are a great place to start troubleshooting issues.

Joe L. in Massachusetts