Judy Cho


Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist | Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Judy is the People’s Nutritionist, as her heart will always advocate for the people. She believes in wellness for all and will make her content accessible for every single person. 

Judy Cho is board certified in holistic nutrition and a certified nutritional therapy practitioner. She is also the author of Carnivore Cure, Meat-Based Nutrition and the ultimate elimination diet for optimal health. She holds a Psychology and Communications degree, from the University of California, Berkeley. Judy focuses on root-cause healing and gut health with Carnivore Cure’s meat-only elimination diet. 

Judy shares her very raw and personal journey, hereWhile she hid the details of her shameful history for so long, she now shares publicly to shed light on this debilitating disease. 

Animal-based foods gave Judy a second chance at life and she is passionate to give back, healing the world one steak at a time.

Judy is married to her best friend, Kevin, and she is mama bear to her two low-carb boys. Judy and her family reside in Austin, Texas.

Caitlin Monaghan

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Caitlin Monaghan is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and holistic nutritionist, certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA). 

Caitlin first became passionate about a low carb diet and an ancestral way of eating when supporting her mom through illness which then led her back to nutritional school and eventually to a carnivore diet. 

Caitlin now uses a high-fat meat-based diet to support her own body to thrive, especially after her own struggles with gut and hormone imbalances. 

Caitlin is also a certified Restart instructor and focuses on supporting clients in sustainable healing. Caitlin focuses on root-cause healing with an animal-based diet and advocates for patience and consistency in healing. Healing takes time, but it is absolutely possible.
Caitlin lives with her husband in NJ. In her free time, she can be found in the woods with her dog Finn, who also thrives on a Carnivore diet.

Heather Aydelott

Holistic Nutritionist

Heather Aydelott is a holistic nutritionist, college professor of Natural Sciences, and yoga teacher. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University and a Master’s degree from the University of New Mexico. Heather also a nutrition certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Heather has followed a meat-based diet for several years, which has helped her achieve optimal health and heal many health challenges. She now uses her experience and training to help clients be successful on their healing journey, every step of the way.

Heather is interested in the science of aging and holistic health and has personally seen the wonders of how a low-stress, meat-based diet and lifestyle can provide benefits, especially as we progress through life.

Heather loves the sun and lives in the high desert of Albuquerque, NM with her husband and two teenage daughters. When Heather isn’t working, she can be found exploring the mesas and petroglyphs around her home, grilling steak or smoking brisket, and searching all the hidey-holes of the world for the most magical swimming hole.

Food is medicine or a slow poison.

A healing journey can show results, in less than 30 days.

Through nutritional therapy, we can help and support the mind and body through nutrition intervention. With healing powers of food coupled with therapies such as Stress Management and Behavioral Therapy, we can heal our bodies and strive to be our best selves, inside and out.

The NwJ Nutritionist team is passionate about giving back to our communities. 

Our goal is to empower clients to positively impact their quality of life.

We do this by making modifications to your diet to best manage your health while also building individualized toolkits to help handle stress, sleep and life, as we know it. Together we will build out short-term and long-term goals and better skills, such as skills for coping, effective communication and processing of thoughts and feelings. There is no one diet or tool-kit that can help someone overcome years of nutritional deficiencies, yo-yo dieting and overall harm to the body.

Together, we work to create an individualized toolkit that works for you, and you alone.

We will do our part to help you succeed, as our priority is your overall health and well-being. But we need you to commit and put yourself first. It’s your turn to prioritize yourself, and let your body and mind heal for the long term.

We made a decision (eating meat-based) that changed our lives forever. You can too.

We are committed to support (and motivate) you through this rewarding journey. We never take the role we play for granted.