Symptom Burden Assessment


Have you been to the doctor and still don’t know what’s wrong with you?

Have aches and pains and not sure what’s going on?

This symptom burden assessment may just be for you.

There are many tools I use to find the root cause of my client’s symptoms. I always say that each person’s health is like a jigsaw puzzle that needs to be pieced together. The Symptom Burden Assessment is one tool I use to assess the total symptom load, identify health areas of priority, and track overall progress. The charted graph allows me to evaluate you more objectively by seeing the areas of your body that are the most inflamed (and thereby, higher priority).

We work together to establish a baseline and the assessment helps connect symptoms that may otherwise appear to be disconnected.

The symptom burden assessment results also include:

  • Custom supplement protocol for your specific needs (especially gut- and targeted nutrient-supports)
  • Custom meat-based diet macros for your personal needs
  • Custom hydration support for your needs
  • Nutrition with Judy digestion tips
  • Carnivore Cure elimination and reintroduction tips
  • Sleep support recommendations

RETEST is available only to clients who have ordered the Symptom Burden Assessment from Nutrition with Judy previously. 

**Note:  There is a 3 week wait with the NwJ nutritionists. 


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While this assessment is included as part of my initial consultation, I am offering it at a discounted price because

1) not everyone can afford my services and

2) more importantly so that you can begin piecing your root cause health puzzle together.

The symptom burden includes:

  • Your personalized symptom burden results
  • What symptoms are caused by what systems and organs in the body
  • Potential conditions that may be contributing to your imbalances
  • Potential nutrient deficiencies
  • Explanation on hormones, thyroid, and the endocrine system
  • The gut hormone and mental health connections
  • Mineral balances

My personalized and customized write up includes:

  • Notes and recommendations specific to you
  • Custom supplement protocol for your specific needs (especially gut- and targeted nutrient supports)
  • Goals and next steps SPECIFIC for you
  • Antinurtrient examples and samples
  • Glucose testing and how (and why)
  • Cholesterol info
  • Omega 3, essential fatty acid info
  • Elimination and reintroduction tips
  • Macros for you
  • Sample meal plan (day)
  • Food sensitivity DIY test
  • Hydration
  • Meat options and resources
  • Salt, stress, and metabolism
  • Mental health
  • Lifestyle tips
  • Managing stress tips
  • Sleep tips
  • Cravings tips
  • Nutrients lost with medication tips
  • Detox tips
This assessment takes a look at the health of your diet, medications, and overall lifestyle. The assessment will also look at the health of your:

– Upper Gastrointestinal System

– Liver and Gallbladder

– Small Intestine

– Large Intestine

– Mineral Needs

– Essential Fatty Acids

– Blood Sugar Handling

– Vitamin Needs

– Adrenals

– Pituitary

– Thyroid

– Reproductive Hormones

– Cardiovascular System

– Kidney and Bladder

– Immune System

You will be provided with an individualized plan constructed from the assessed findings including your primary health concerns and individual goals. Resources will be provided including any nutritional supplementation needs, if necessary.

In a perfect world, everyone will be at their optimal health. I want to help you get there.

Once you pay for the assessment, you will receive an email to complete the assessment. Once completed, you will then get your assessment within 5 business days.


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