Why We Should Stop Mowing Lawns

Sent by JUDY CHO | May 21, 2022

This week my son graduated from preschool. He’s a big 5 because we red-shirted him. We wanted him home a bit longer.

Well, things never go as planned and both my kids are not in the public school system. It’s still so bittersweet seeing my youngest grow so quickly.


STUDY OF THE WEEK — How Plants Release Greenhouse Gases

This week I shared a “Save the Plants” reel on all my social media channels.

Some people enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass but this is absolutely heartbreaking and devastating for the planet.

The smell of cut grass is a distress signal from the innocent living grass blades. Scientists have found that grass and other leafy plants emit a vaporous self-defense chemical (green leaf volatiles — GLV).

These GLV chemicals are released to help plants recover and regrow after stressors, insects, bacteria, and even human predators. The GLV aroma is also thought to summon beneficial insects to come to the rescue.

In 1988, one Australian study found that GLVs released natural antibiotics to disinfect the wounded grass blades. But the biggest concerns is that these GLVs also release smog-causing greenhouse gases (GHGs), methanol and ethanol.

Monash University scientists found that lawns and grasslands release vast pollutants into the air.

How can people enjoy the smell of newly cut grass when these grass blades are suffering and releasing greenhouse gases?

We should not enjoy things that kill other living beings. That’s inhumane. And while we have momentary pleasure with the smell of cut grass, the grass is also poisoning our world with the GHGs released.

Cut grass = Climate change = No habitable world in the future for our children.

Next time you see a lawnmower, stand up for the grass. Not only are you saving Iives, you’re saving the planet.

Make sure to share this with our loved ones. We need to save the planet.

 — -

Real talk: Just an FYI, if you’ve read this far, this is complete satire. To be clear, all the studies are real (click the links), and the content is 100% true per the studies.

But this isn’t about saving the grass or the green leafy plants that release GLVs. The short reel uses similar tactics from the vegan and plant-based advocates to save the animals.

The sensationalistic pull on emotions (guilt) and the noble badge of saving the world from cow’s methane, all while sacrificing human health, is appalling.

While the reel was made for entertainment, I hope that people can pause and consider the antics of the plant-based narrative. After all, sometimes videos and pictures are worth a thousand words.

This still shot is parroting the vegans that lay on the floor with fake blood all over their bodies. Well, in the same vein, I’m protecting the lawnmower from cutting the grass…

Self-sacrifice is not noble. We must be healthy to love the people, the animals and the planet. Without health, we have nothing.

Watch the Reel!



I focus on root-cause healing with a meat-only elimination diet (@CarnivoreCure).

👩🏻‍🏫In nutritional therapy, we focus on North to South. So this gut support series start with the upper GI and ends with the large intestine.

🥩Most of my clients have been meat-based for months and their digestion isn’t consistent. Here are some temporary supports I use for healing.

⚠️These are general supports that focus on healing locally (e.g., stomach vs. liver) but until we figure out the root cause, it is not an exact science.

Always work with a qualified practitioner.

💊No specific supplement works for everyone but every practitioner has their favorite go-to’s.

🧪Betaine HCl is amazing but it’s NOT for everyone. HCl should NOT be taken if you are using ANY kind of anti-inflammatory medications such as corticosteroids (e.g., Prednisone), ibuprofen, and NSAIDs.

❗️These drugs can DAMAGE the GI lining and adding HCl can increase the risk of gastric bleeding and ulcers.

🎯If this is you, try digestive bitters over the HCl. Digestive bitters can stimulate HCl naturally.

🍎ACV rarely works for my clients because they often have some yeast/fungal overgrowth (e.g., candida). But you might be able to find natural GI stimulation with just ACV.

💦We need our upper GI to have enough stomach acid to break down our foods and kill off any pathogens. We also need our stomach acid to be highly acidic (pH of 1.5–2.5).

✖️You can see why alkaline waters (pH of 8.5–9.0) with our meals are a horrible idea.

🧬The liver produces bile to help digest and absorb fats. If you’ve been low-fat or eating limited animal fats, you may temporarily need these supports to help with loose, immediate stools.

🩸Ox bile seems to work in half my clients. Digestive enzymes work well. We’ve slammed our pancreas with excess insulin production and now cannot produce enough digestive enzymes to break down our foods, especially fats and proteins.

🐟Sometimes herbals and fish oils can help with overall liver support. The better liver function, the better you can produce bile for fat breakdown and toxin release.

If meat-only carnivore doesn’t help long-term (at least strict 6 months), it’s time to look deeper than just food. 

⛑Get support: https://nutritionwithjudy.com/shop



CATG PODCAST: Ep 60 Standard Bloodwork, Asking your Doctor and Insurance

In this week’s Cutting Against the Grain episode, Laura and I chat about recent bloodwork, standard bloodwork markers, how to ask doctors for lab test and bloodwork covered by insurance.

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW)
  • A1C and Glucose
  • Kidney function
  • Excess protein
  • Liver function
  • Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Thyroid
  • Insurance
  • Medicating based on one bloodwork

Listen Now!



I’m excited to share that I’ll be speaking at KetoCon Austin and also part of the brand-new Carnivore panel July 8–10th!

KetoCon is an annual event in Austin, TX. It’s the largest event in the U.S. focused solely on the science and stories of living a ketogenic diet and lifestyle.

As part of the conference, there are over fifty speakers that include medical professionals, researchers, bloggers, tech gurus, and fitness experts and over 250 vendors that share products and services that help your ketogenic lifestyle.

I’m excited to share that Ketocon has given our podcast listeners a discount!

Use the discount code: CATG10 at checkout and receive a 10% discount code on the 3-Day General Admission pass.

With your 3 day pass, you will be moved with incredibly inspiring stories, new friendships and keto cooking demos. There are even learning opportunities for entrepreneurs and coaches.

It’s an incredible experience you don’t want to miss. I hope to see you there!

Make sure to get your discounted tickets before the sale ends! And don’t forget to use code CATG10 for 10% off your tickets!

Get Your Tickets!


NUTRITION WITH JUDY PODCAST: How to Reduce Visceral Fat, Insulin Resistance — Dr. Sean O’Mara

I’m excited to sit down with Dr. Sean O’Mara. We talk about visceral fat, processed carbs, sarcopenia, sprinting, fermented foods, and much more.

We discuss the following:

  • Subcutaneous vs. visceral fat
  • About processed carbs
  • Importance of CT scans/ MRIs
  • Thoughts on processed carbs and alcohol
  • Marathon and sprinting
  • Thoughts on eating organs
  • Story of a patient
  • Thoughts on whole foods
  • Sarcopenia
  • Lifestyle and medication

I highly recommend this video as we share so many images. Data and graphs are easy to forget but images are difficult to forget. If a loved one isn’t willing to change their eating habits, they may want to check their visceral fat levels.

Watch Now!



Children are the best example of choosing to live their best lives. They do things that bring them fun and joy. They get out of their heads and focus on play. 

In the book Chatter, the author shares how a lot of the thoughts in our head (chatter) can undermine our health and, frankly, the state of our lives.

One part of the book explains how our thoughts are the same as real stressors. Both cause the body to release adrenaline and cortisol. During the increase in these hormones, our body’s immune system lowers, and we cannot digest (and absorb) well.

The body focuses all its resources on running from a predator.
But what if the Chatter is all in our mind? And chronically on?

What happens to our immune system (and healing?) and digestion? (See NwJ Insider Tips section below for more on this.)

I loved this book partly because it contains a lot of social psychology studies.

There are ways to reduce chatter.

One way is to look at nature (even pictures of nature can work). There is a calming effect with nature. He shares studies of cities lined with more trees and outcomes on overall wellness.

Fewer trees = worse outcomes (pictures work!)

He shares many more ways to reduce the chatter in our minds that have so many adverse effects on our health and wellness.



People often ask me if I am planning on having another child. I don’t intend to because I’m very hands-on with my children. I don’t feel like it’s my calling to have another child. I miss the baby years (my favorite is six months to 1.5 years), but I believe my calling is to serve the chronically ill community. And really serve. 

There are a lot of great salesmen in the wellness world. While I believe that most people have the people’s interest at heart (I hope), a lot of the recommendations are frankly wrong.

I had a client that a top-tier hospital had diagnosed with an unnamed autoimmune. They had no name for the illness. After the diagnosis, there was not much additional help they could provide.

Other clients have chased every single big name in Keto, Carnivore, Lyme, Thyroid health, PANS, and MCAS, and it has amounted to… not much.

We should start with the diet and then go deeper as needed. Some healing is in the physical, but healing is also required of the mind and soul. Healing is absolutely possible.

Focusing, researching and obsessing over an illness all day long is extremely unhealthy. This goes for diets too. You can make your body unwell by activating your nervous system 24/7. Our body heals (and digests) in a rest and relax state (the green section below).

Even with a meat-only carnivore diet, the body can only go so far without the mind healing.

Lately, I’ve shared the CIRS diagnosis with many Carnivore clients. Some clients shed tears of relief and joy because they finally know why nothing has allowed them to get their full life back.

Other clients hit overwhelm rather quickly (the blue section below- Freeze/Dorsal Vagal). They are overcome with anxiety, fear and worry.

I see this play out over and over.

These reactions are no different from how we deal with challenges in our daily lives. Life is hard. But we decide how we see and act with each moment. This takes work but we can focus on the good.

I’ve personally chosen to trust the master Healer. Miracles are possible. We don’t need to uncover every single evidence-based research to heal. Sometimes, we just need to believe and have faith. Faith in something beyond us.

And no study is going to give you that answer.

My nutritionist shared this heartbreaking article, “Are Canadians being driven to assisted suicide by poverty or healthcare crisis?” This is unacceptable.


Find the joys you enjoyed when you were a young child. Life is too short to live in contemplation. It will literally make you unwell.

I’d be remiss not to share my proud son on graduating from preschool. While preschool graduations may not be that big of a deal, it’s the little milestones in life that we feel are worth celebrating.


Thank you for being part of this community. ♥️

Make sure to share this newsletter with your friends and loved ones as all freebies, inspirational hope, and evidence-based research is shared here first.

with ♥️ and hope for healing,

While I am a nutritional therapy practitioner and provide nutritional support, I am not providing medical advice. Any information provided in regards to nutritional therapy should not be considered medical advice or treatment. Always consult your primary care physician or medical team.

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