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Sent by JUDY CHO | March 12, 2022

I shared about liver and hypervitaminosis again this week. It’s been almost a year since I first shared Grant Genereux’s interview and I wasn’t sure how the community would react (or if I was ready to open that raw wound again). But I put my brave face on and shared Paola Dziwetzki’s interview with my thoughts on why Frank Tufano and Dr. Paul Saladino possibly stopped their carnivore diets. The images are only shared on the YouTube version as I was hesitant to share anything until the last minute.

I can’t put my fears above sharing content that can help the community. And it’s the only reason I shared.

STUDY OF THE WEEK — Pfizer Vaccine Data

Pfizer was requested to release their COVID-19 data. The FDA asked a federal judge if they could release the results in 2096. Yes, 75 years later.

On January 6, a federal court in Texas 💗 ordered the expedited process. So we now get to see official COVID-19 vaccine results.

Have you seen them?

Here are some of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine results and pages 37 to 50 share “APPENDIX 1. LIST OF ADVERSE EVENTS OF SPECIAL INTEREST.” 

Let me share just one table from Pfizer’s results with you, Table 1: General Overview: Selected Characteristics of All Cases Received During the Reporting Interval

If I’m doing basic math, of the 42,086 participants that received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine:

  • 19,582 recovered (47%)
  • 11,361 not recovered at the time of report (27%)
  • 9,400 results were unknown (22%)
  • 1,223 died (3%)

Three percent is high. Last I checked, it’s higher than the death rate of COVID-19.

How do we know that the 11,361 not recovered or the 9,400 unknowns didn’t end up in additional deaths?

If we did some gross math of 3% of the 11,371 and 9,400 population (total of 20,761 people), we may have 623 more deaths.

I got a lot of heat for questioning the mainstream narrative. While I wrote my thoughts about the COVID-19 vaccines over 16 months ago, not much needs to be changed with the article.

The following is just one of the twelve pages of possible adverse symptoms that the Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine had to monitor.


What About the Kids?

I took a stronger stance when I shared about the vaccine recommendations for children between the ages of five and eleven. I’ll let the NY times (mainstream media) share the news. If you can’t access the NY Times, here’s some other mainstream media outlets.

You can read the full study, “Effectiveness of the BNT162b2 vaccine among children 5–11 and 12–17 years in New York after the Emergence of the Omicron Variant.”

Kids should never have received the vaccine. In no time in history have we had the young do things to protect the old. We now have young children that may battle with myocarditis for the rest of their lives.

I’m frankly more concerned about the mental harm and damage we unnecessarily placed on children. We are already seeing the damage with anxiety and depression cases doubling in children.

To be clear, I was affected by COVID. Our entire family had COVID and I am losing a very, very close family member currently. I hope we can all heal from this dark time.

STUDY OF THE WEEK — Ivermectin Is Associated with Decreased Mortality as well as improved outcomes

There are many studies coming out about the efficacy of ivermectin. Here’s a recent one published in March 2022: “Treatment with Ivermectin Is Associated with Decreased Mortality in COVID-19 Patients.”

And to think that FDA called a noble peace prize-winning drug a horse dewormer is very sad. If we focused on early treatment and hospital treatment with ivermectin (instead of remdesivir), regardless of the vaccine, how many lives could have been saved?

Here’s a study from October 2020, “Use of Ivermectin Is Associated With Lower Mortality in Hospitalized Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019.” Yes, this study is from October 2020, before the vaccine was released worldwide.



Fasting is not good or bad. It is a tool or lever.

🎙This week on the Cutting Against the Grain podcast, @lauraespath and I talk about the truths about fasting. We start with some of the obvious benefits:

🌟Beta cell dysfunction healing
🌟Faster improvement in glucose and insulin
🌟Weight loss

💡There’s discussion about autophagy: that it’s always running on fast-mimicking diets. It’s not always true.

EXCERPT FROM @CarnivoreCure: Carnivore and the long stretches without eating can turn on autophagy naturally, but proteins and amino acids decrease the need for activating autophagy (ref Table 18.8).

When we eat protein, we turn on mTOR (master controller of protein synthesis and turns on cell growth) and essentially turn off autophagy.

Excess calories can also suppress autophagy, increase mTOR, and turn down AMPK (a master switch regulating energy metabolism and fat burning).

This begs the question: if you have one meal a day — of over 2,500 calories — will you ever turn on the benefits of autophagy?

It’ll likely depend on how long you fast until your next meal, but this is another reason I’m not a big fan of having only one meal a day — bad for digestion and bad for cell cleaning.


⚠️While I’m a fan of the benefits of fasting, I’ve also seen harm of overdoing fasting.

⚠️If you can’t properly refeed then overly fasting will eventually cause harm to hormone and thyroid health.

⚠️If you tend to overeat and binge during refeeds to compensate with fasting, well that’s not ideal either. True healing with carnivore comes with healing our relationship with food.

⚖️ @lauraespath and I talk about the pros/cons of fasting and while many don’t need to fast on carnivore, for some people they do.

💡It doesn’t matter what kinds of foods you eat, if you graze for 16 hours a day on even meat-only foods, you CAN gain weight and you CAN overly stimulate glucose and insulin.

💡Your body has to do SOMETHING to deal with the EXCESS energy coming in.

💡For some, intermittent fasting or two meals a day, helps to break this habit.

❓Should you use fasting as a tool/lever? Be honest with yourself and you will know that answer.

CATG PODCAST: Ep 50. The Truth about Fasting

In this week’s Cutting Against the Grain episode, Laura and Judy share their candid thoughts about fasting (the good, bad and ugly)

  • Types of fasting
  • Laura’s fasting journey
  • Fasting and carnivore
  • Recommendations of fasting on the internet
  • Beta cell dysfunction
  • Autophagy a magic pill?
  • Feasting vs fasting
  • Is OMAD disordered eating?
  • Being honest with yourself
  • Matthew McConaughey and Dallas Buyers Club
  • Real talk: Our desires, struggles and 100 years of living

Ultimately, we have to figure out if fasting is level we should use (or not), depending on our individual needs.

Listen Now!


I’m excited to share that I’ll be speaking at KetoCon Austin this summer, July 8–10th.

KetoCon is an annual event in Austin, TX. It’s the largest event in the U.S. focused solely on the science and stories of living a ketogenic diet and lifestyle. 

As part of the conference, there are over fifty speakers that include medical professionals, researchers, bloggers, tech gurus, and fitness experts and over 250 vendors that share products and services that help your ketogenic lifestyle.

I’m excited to share that Ketocon has given our podcast listeners a discount!

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With your 3 day pass, you will be moved with incredibly inspiring stories, new friendships and keto cooking demos. There are even learning opportunities for entrepreneurs and coaches.

It’s an incredible experience you don’t want to miss. I hope to see you there!

Make sure to get your discounted tickets before the sale ends! And don’t forget to use code NWJ10 or CATG10 for 10% off your tickets!

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Nutrition with Judy PODCASTS

Episode 162: How Liver Got Me Sick on a Carnivore Diet — Paola Dziwetzki

We discuss the following:

  • Thoughts on eating liver and her journey
  • Muscle meat and dairy consumption
  • Adding liver, eggs and butter to a diet
  • Nutritional health for liver
  • Liver for any child under the age of three
  • Symptoms experienced
  • Retinol in vitamin A and acid in the body
  • Finding out it was liver with the new supplements
  • Low vitamin A diet and the hair tissue mineral test
  • Risks of organ meats
  • Lactoferrin supplement
  • Paola’s diet and message

You can listen here and watch here.

Episode 163: From the Hood to the White House — Rebecca Contreras

We discuss the following:

  • Rebecca’s story
  • Mental illness issue in America
  • The thought of giving up and being a fighter
  • How faith helped her
  • High levels of estrogen and sugar addiction
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Old-school mentality towards health
  • Obesity and food addiction
  • How to start fighting for a better day

You can listen here and watch here.

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In Paola’s interview, I shared Dr. Paul Saladino’s nutrient profile when he was a meat-only carnivore. The Nutrient Optimizer blog did a wonderful job but they missed the mark with vitamin A and copper levels. I’m not as concerned with copper, although zinc is nowhere in balance with copper levels (zinc and copper balance one another).

The Nutrient Optimizer blog compared Dr. Saladino’s diet to Dr. Shawn Baker’s diet. The blog considered Dr. Saladino’s to be a more superior nutrient profile diet. At first glance, it’s technically true. What’s interesting is the nuance.

  • Dr. Baker has low levels of fat-soluble vitamins but they are relatively balanced. So maybe that’s why he’s thriving on carnivore long-term.
  • Dr. Saladino’s daily value of vitamin A was 1,564% of the DV and copper was 2,324%.

Below is Dr. Saladino’s nutrient profile from the Nutrient Optimizer blog (they had interviewed Dr. Saladino and asked what he ate in a day.).

When the NwJ team was making the food sensitivity database (it’s coming soon) we found that the cronometer app only made certain nutrients red for tolerable upper limits. Vitamin A was not one of the ones that changed to red when it was above the tolerable upper limit. Vitamin B3 at 369% changed to red for excess but vitamin B12 at 5221% remained green. Vitamin A at 1564% remained green.


We reached out to cronometer many times but they have not responded.

I am genuinely interested as to why they decided to change some nutrients to green and others to yellow or red. I first thought “okay, maybe B12 doesn’t turn red because it doesn’t have a tolerable upper limit.” But vitamin A does have a tolerable upper limit so that logic doesn’t make sense.

Just a note, as much as vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, some B12 still gets stored in the body. I don’t think 5221% of B12’s daily value is necessarily a good thing.

Dr. Saladino’s Diet — Nutrient Density

Dr. Baker’s Diet — Nutrient Density

Note that Dr. Baker also eats mostly grain-fed while Dr. Saladino eats grass-finished. It doesn’t really matter when it comes down to optimizing health.

While the nutrient optimizer score gave Dr. Saladino the edge, if you take a closer look, Dr. Baker’s diet may not meet the daily value recommendations for some nutrients but from a meat-only diet, it may just be okay.

Dr. Baker’s fat-soluble vitamins are low but they are balanced. Copper is nowhere near the levels of Dr. Saladino’s and the same is true with the vitamin B12 levels. (see the detailed blog post for more information).

I have known this information for a long time but I was frankly scared to share it with the community after the liver share got me a lot of darts. I tried to share in so many other ways but I am now ready.

I also hate naming names because it seems petty but this is information that I know will help many.

One other thing to take away from all of this is that context matters. The optimizer nutrition is a fascinating website but their analysis of Dr. Saladino’s results isn’t ideal.

In context, I’d choose Dr. Baker’s diet knowing the nuances of all nutrients. Additionally, the cronometer app leaves certain nutrients green and others red, even when they are above the tolerable limit. The lesson here is to do your own research and don’t go based on cronometer’s color ratings.

We tried making vitamin A levels at 10,000% of the Daily Value and it was still green. Try it yourself!

Lastly, we are not eating the standard American diet, so don’t compare your data to one.

Phew, I’d say this was a jam-packed newsletter! I hope my content continues to give you levers to get to optimal health and thrive. We can have wellness for all.

Thank you for being part of this community. ♥️

Make sure to share this newsletter with your friends and loved ones as all freebies, goodies, and evidence-based research is shared here first.

with ♥️ and hope for healing,

While I am a nutritional therapy practitioner and provide nutritional support, I am not providing medical advice. Any information provided in regards to nutritional therapy should not be considered medical advice or treatment. Always consult your primary care physician or medical team.

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