One More Reason to Limit Plant-Based Foods

Sent by JUDY CHO | April 16, 2022

This week has been incredibly busy. We had house guests, we picked up our 220-pound hog, and I did bloodwork for purely experimental reasons.

Re: 220-pound hog
As inflation becomes very present, we allocate money to reserve animals from our local ranchers. It’s a win-win situation: our hardworking ranchers get to keep more of the money (no middleman) and our family gets to know (and trust) the sourcing of our meat. I always include my children in the process so they can see how we get our food. It’s important that they understood and respect the land, the people, and the animals.

Re: Bloodwork
My clients have been testing for Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) and I also want to experiment on myself. For example, my husband and I are both testing our genetic haplotype and melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) markers. I need to test someone that doesn’t test out of range for these CIRS markers.

In this week’s CATG podcast, I shared about my experimentation with mold supports. I can better empathize with my clients as I felt some of the extreme fatigue and also the frustrations of timing supplements with and without meals.

I asked some of my clients why they never complained about their fatigue, and they said it’s because they always feel that debilitating fatigue. This experimentation was very humbling and reminds me that so many of my clients are much more resilient than I am. I have so much love and respect for what they experience day-to-day and I will always search for healing options until every single client is truly healing.


STUDY OF THE WEEK — Detox Project & Glyphosate

The Detox project published their analysis on glyphosate testing on a variety of foods. This research was the most comprehensive in the United States and showed that most of the U.S. food supply (non-meat) was contaminated with glyphosate.

“In our first report nearly five years ago, we found alarming levels of glyphosate residues in 29 bestselling foods from major food companies in the continental United States, as increases in the spraying of more toxic pesticides was skyrocketing across rural America.

In this new report, we disclose the glyphosate residue testing results of 83 foods found in major Big Box, grocery and natural food stores purchased in Des Moines, Iowa, including Walmart, Whole Foods, Target, Natural Grocers, and Hy-Vee and foods bought online through Amazon.

Incredibly, more than half the foods tested, a total of 45 foods out of 86 products,

contained alarming levels of glyphosate, ranging from 12 parts per billion (ppb) in “sprouted wholegrain bread”6 from Whole Foods to as high 889 ppb in Walmart’s brand chickpeas,7 to 1,040 ppb in Whole Food’s 365 Brand Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread, to the highest level detected of 1,150 ppb in Hy-Vee’s 100% Whole Wheat Bread.

While none of these foods are genetically engineered, they still contain ingredients that are at a high risk of glyphosate contamination. There is no GMO wheat or chickpeas on the market in North America. For the past two decades, farmers in the U.S. and Canada have regularly sprayed Monsanto’s (now Bayer) Roundup on wheat, oats, barley and dry bean crops as a ‘pre-harvest drying agent’ to get the harvested crop to market faster.” Source: Detox Project

Some people worry about the animals that consume GMO or glyphosate-sprayed crops but there is a protective mechanism in animals (aromatic amino acids). I talk about these aromatic amino acids and the shikimate pathway in detail in Carnivore Cure. If anything, you don’t want to eat their organs.

Plants don’t have this protective layer and we can get unwell from eating these plant-based foods. While organic plant-based foods have much less residue, any amount is not ideal. Part of the reason is that glyphosate is unavoidable. Roundup is sprayed in our schools and public parks, and it stays around for days. Dr. Stephanie Seneff and I talked about glyphosate in detail in our last interview.

When you eat mostly meat or only meat, a large part of the glyphosate issue becomes a non-issue. Something to consider.



Time to breakdown nutritional fallacies.


🔅Requiring supplementation is NOT an optimal diet.
🔅Recommending faux-meat foods is NOT an optimal diet.
🔅Eating fats from seed oils + fruits is NOT an optimal diet.
🔅A diet < 100 years old is NOT an optimal diet.


🔅Read the Big Fat Surprise by @ninateicholz
🔅Research what causes cardiovascular risk by learning from the Framingham Studies (going on 6 generations now)
🔅Heart disease barely existed 100 years ago. Cows have always been around.

❓You sure it’s the meat?


🔅The heart’s (and brain’s) preferred fuel source is fat.
🔅Most of the cholesterol is made in the body. If food has high cholesterol levels, the body hankers down on production.
🔅50% of people that suffer cardiovascular disease have normal cholesterol levels. (Read more from @peterattiamd)

❓You sure it’s the cholesterol?


🔅If we know cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease, then why are we taking statins?
🔅Statins cause muscle atrophy and correlate with mental health issues (see brain’s need for fat).
🔅They deplete the body of nutrients.

❓How many kids suffer from heart disease from said cholesterol? Well, as if statins being the number one pharma drug wasn’t enough, they’re working on statins for kids.

🚸 Please. No.


🔅This is false in context. But easy to disprove. Cut down carbs for a couple months. Add more salt. Is your blood pressure high?
🔅Don’t blame salt for what the bread did.


🔅Plants have nutrients. Plants also have antinutrients. Which will win in your body?

 — -
💰Take a stand and vote with your dollars. This is how we start breaking down complete false misinformation in nutrition and get back to optimal health.

💡Because no demand = no supply.

CATG PODCAST: Ep 55. Mold, Autoimmune, Hormones and Meat-only Carnivore

In this week’s Cutting Against the Grain episode, Laura and I talk about mold and biotoxins, and how these illnesses can affect us from fully healing on a meat-only carnivore diet.

  • Liver and kidney markers

  • Symptoms of mold

  • Intro to CIRS

  • How to test for mold and CIRS

  • Melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH)

  • Mold supports

  • Dry sauna

  • Supplements and carnivore

  • Testing > just supplementing

  • Worms and parasites

  • Carnivore and anemia

Listen Now!



Nutrisense is a continuous glucose monitoring or CGM program, where you can see what your blood sugar is doing 24 hours a day. Most chronic illness stems from the inability to manage blood glucose levels which then impacts insulin levels.

I like the temporary use of CGMs for two reasons:

  1. If you have low energy on a meat-based ketogenic diet, you can see how your body is responding to different foods, sleep, stress and exercise. I also like CGMs and one of the main reasons my clients try them is to figure out why they are waking up multiple times a night. Usually, when blood sugar drops too low and the adrenals compensate to increase blood sugar, most people will wake up. It’s pretty fascinating to see this on the CGM.

  2. The second reason to get a CGM is to use it as a motivational tool. When you see your body’s blood glucose react to sugary foods, for some people, it’s motivation to choose better food options.

I used to think that CGMs weren’t ideal because of the Bluetooth-like feature (it’s Near Field Communication, NFC technology) but I think the short-term benefits are powerful. I’ve seen it in my loved ones and my clients.

Whether you temporarily use a CGM to troubleshoot diet and lifestyle or as a habit tracker, Nutrisense’s CGM program can help you get to better health.

Each CGM lasts 14 days, and each subscription plan includes one month of free support from a Registered Dietitian. Nutrisense comes with an app that helps you track your data, understand your glucose trends, log meals, and much more.

I don’t believe people need CGMs long-term but it’s a great way to troubleshoot your health and change your habits.

Make sure to use “NWJ25” at to get $25 off your order today.

Change my habits!


NwJ PODCAST: Early Signs of Insulin Resistance & Heart Disease — Founder of the CAC score — Dr. Arthur Agatston

I’m excited to sit down with Dr. Arthur Agatston. We talk about insulin resistance, beta-cell dysfunction, the Calcium Score, and much more! Make sure to listen to the full interview so you don’t miss out on the important details and how you can check for metabolic syndrome.

He does a really amazing job in explaining (with visuals) how pre-pre-diabetes can be seen years before ever getting diagnosed with pre-diabetes, diabetes and/or insulin resistance.

  • About Dr. Arthur Agatston and the Agatston score

  • Total cholesterol and particle size

  • Familial congenital and CAC score

  • Insulin resistance and beta-cell dysfunction

  • About the Kraft test

  • Types of hunger and sugar addiction

  • How to clear pancreatic and liver fat

  • How to get tested

  • High ferritin on a carnivore diet

  • Tips for a better heart health

  • Zero carb heals quickly with Kraft test

You can listen here and watch here.

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We released two more NwJ articles!

The first one is “How Functional Medicine Differs from Conventional Care” The biggest difference is that functional medicine looks at the body as a whole. We focus on getting to the root cause and not just band-aiding symptoms.

Our bodies are telling us clues when we feel symptoms. Focus on the why.

The second one is “The Best and Worst Personal Care Products” and this article begins the discussion on the ingredients in our personal care products. We will have subsequent articles and guides on specific products coming soon. We are product-agnostic.

How Functional Medicine Differs from Conventional Care

By NwJ Nutritionist: Caitlin Monaghan

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The Best and Worst Personal Care Products

By NwJ Nutritionist: Heather Aydelott

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Thank you again to everyone that came out for the Austin Meat-Up. It was a community-oriented event and we couldn’t have been happier with all the connections made.

I’ll be speaking at KetoCon about the right elimination diet (can you guess what elimination diet I’d recommend?) I’ll also be part of the Entrepreneur Mastermind group to share my experiences with growing the Nutrition with Judy brand. I am a pretty open book and will share as honestly and candid as I can to help you grow your coaching or educational business.

Not all of you can attend so here are my honest thoughts. My number one tip is to find your passion and work diligently towards your defined end goal. But from there, share everything with the other in mind. I lead by serving and empathetically listening. When you lead with your heart, the outcome will usually be good.

If you saw my Instagram and Facebook stories, I shared that there’s some exciting carnivore news in this newsletter. Ready for it?!

KetoCon 2022 will have a Carnivore Group Panel!

The carnivore community has had one carnivore conference hosted by the amazing Amber O’Hearn, but we haven’t had a large community gathering in years. The KetoCon conference has been gracious enough to make time and space for the carnivore community to build community and have discussions around the Carnivore diet.

Dr. Anthony Chaffee, Laura Spath, Ede Fox, myself and a few others are expected to be part of the panel. This time is dedicated to you to answer any questions about the carnivore diet. Maybe we can finally build consensus around dairy, fasting, salt, and organs. 😅

KetoCon has generously provided a discount code for our community.

Use NWJ10 for 10% off your tickets. Hope to see you there. 💙

Thank you for being part of this community. ♥️

Make sure to share this newsletter with your friends and loved ones as all freebies, goodies, and evidence-based research is shared here first.

with ♥️ and hope for healing,

While I am a nutritional therapy practitioner and provide nutritional support, I am not providing medical advice. Any information provided in regards to nutritional therapy should not be considered medical advice or treatment. Always consult your primary care physician or medical team.

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