Sent by JUDY CHO | July 17, 2021

This week was full of dilemmas.

  1. Do I donate processed CARBage foods? (I did…)
  2. Do I let my kids eat the CARBage with the other VBS kids? (I did…)
  3. Do I deny my meat-based teachings to get board certified in holistic nutrition? (In the practice exam, I did…)
  4. Do I post on social media about supplements when they should be individualized? (I did…)

Let me explain…

Our boys’ VBS donated foods to a charity and made a contest out of it. I didn’t want to participate but fortuitously, I saw the whole milk post (graphic below) on social media and knew the problem wouldn’t resolve by me alone.


Our government’s dietary guidelines have to change. This way we know that a carb-heavy, processed foods diet is not a diet that anyone should be on. Before the 2020–2025 guidelines were solidified, Nina Teicholz and the Nutrition Coalition fought hard for better nutritional guidelines.

The end outcome was less refined daily sugar consumption (13% of total calories from added sugar reduced to a whopping 10%) and a few other small changes.

The preliminary report showed that they intended to lower it to 6% of total calories from added sugar. I’m guessing the sugar industry was not happy. So they ended up at 10% added sugar being part of a healthy diet.

To say we were all disappointed is an understatement. These guidelines bleed into our schools, hospitals, and eating disorder facilities (and the rest of the world).

Not only do we need to fight the dietary guidelines, but we also need to stop subsidizing toxic grains like GMO corn and soy. They are killing us slowly.

So I ended up donating to our VBS because:

  1. I wanted my kids to be a part of the community and
  2. I wanted them to partake in helping another human.

I also bought one extra can of spaghetti-in-a-can so my kids can try it. After their meat-based meal, they tried some spaghetti-o’s. We talked through the nutrients, ingredients, and why it’s not ideal food to be eating every day.

They had 1–2 bites and threw it out. I remember liking spahetti-o’s as a child. They never had it and hated it. I wanted them to understand that some kids have no other options and have to eat these foods. Other families think these foods are viable nutritious meals.

And why wouldn’t we?

We trust our food industry would only offer foods half-beneficial to us. Or at least we wouldn’t think certain foods are killing us. Not everyone has time to study nutrition.

And then I see that whole milk is banned at schools but mountain dew is allowed.


This has to stop.



And with that thought, it is no surprise that these are the types of practice tests and content I have to read in order to pass my board exam.

So why do I not stand by my principles?

Because this certification is a means to an end. I will play by the rules and get my board certification so that I seem more qualified in the public’s eye to share meat-based nutrition. If it means that we can help one more person heal with food (the right food) as medicine, I’m all for it.

I’ll play.

(It hurt me to the core to see that animal-based foods should not be part of a depression protocol. That is the number one illness that was healed by my meat-based diet.)

And if you’re wondering why I allowed my boys to eat processed snacks with their VBS friends, it’s because I want them to learn balance and feel “normal.” For the last several years, I’ve taught them about certain foods and nutrients. They are getting older now (almost 7 and 5 years old) and I want them to find the balance that’s right for them.

On the days they ate some of the graham crackers, we ate more meat-based at home.

A couple of years ago, I was really strict with the foods they ate but coming from disordered eating, I’m very mindful of them having a healthy relationship with food.

In this situation, for our family, community > clean eating.

Now at pre-school, which is a daily occurrence, I would never be okay with daily CARBage snacks. I believe in balance and I work daily to find the one that makes sense for my boys’ body, mind and soul.


This week I shared about supplements. As much as I focus on gut health and supporting the body to get to root-cause healing, I’ve never shared a post on gut-healing supplements.

Supplements are very individualized and I always figured since it depends, it’s better to protect the community by not sharing. But after hundreds of clients, I’ve seen some tried and true supplements that help many (but not all).

And since gut-healing supplements and protocols are the number one question asked in DMs, I shared some of my favorite go-to’s. This wasn’t easy to share but I hope it helps, especially if you don’t have the funds to work with someone.

I intentionally didn’t share any gut-attacking supports as for those, I highly recommend working with someone. Safer herbals can still do damage to the body (like antibiotics).

Strengthen and Support > Attacking.

(different scenario with parasite, h.pylori, worms and virus)

See full series

Ah, probiotics. So many strains. So confusing. Let me make it simple.

❓No one REALLY know what strains are the best for us. We mapped the human genome, studied populations of people’s guts that are healthy (and sick) and decided what strains are LIKELY good for us.

We don’t know with certainty. (swipe to see the example of Akkermansia strain).

⚖️Too little Akkermansia has been shown to correlate with obesity but too much correlates with MS.

⚠️And there’s no probiotic to increase akkermansia so we are told to take polyphenols but another study shows fasting and ketogenic diets support akker.

🥩I have 2 clients that both consume meat-based and one had mod-high amounts of akkermansia and the other was low.

We just don’t know.

❓Did you know that most probiotics don’t live and survive in the body? They just work while taking it.

💊Yes, most of the common probiotics only work to support gut healing while taking it.

💡The only one that can live and proliferate in the body are the spore (soil-based) probiotics.

But from ALL the studies, these are the basic 3 that “seem” to help.

💊I use the major strains with my clients: spore-based (soil), saccharomyces boulardii, lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and streptococcus and it essentially takes care of the major strains.

🌟Some of these have made significant changes in skin and gut health (see testimonial highlights)

⚠️There is one product listed with prebiotics but some of my clients don’t do well with these fibers. So they take the lacto/bifido without them.

⛑If you’ve taken antibiotics or had traveler’s food poisoning, you may want to try the kit.

🧫Then using either a binder or an immunoglobulin, can help usher out the endotoxins.

🦠Endotoxins? We take probiotics, they crowd out the bad bugs and when the bad die, they release toxins within the body (like LPS). The binders and IgGs can help mop up and remove these toxins (die-off).

⛑I’ve shared specific products that have shown efficacy in my hundreds of clients NOT because they are 100% the answer.


Speaking of supports, Johnson and Johnson has been in the news a lot lately. Proceed with caution should come with their label.


Sunscreen Debacle

Read my blog post on suncreens.


Baby Powder Ban


Vaccine Cautions

You can read about the heart inflammation here.



NwJ INSIDER INFO: For being part of the Nutrition with Judy community, I am extending an offer for 10% off all microbiome products and Nutrition with Judy gut support kits.

Use code: GUTSUPPORT10 at checkout

Offer ends: Monday, 7/19th at 11:59PM CST

Enjoy the weekend!

My plan is to nurse my husband to health (after 960+ days of closing his apple watch circles, he has been bed-ridden with the flu), hang out by the pool with the little ones, and study for my board exams by learning more about what not to do for health.

If anything, I’m learning a lot more about plant-based foods and it will come in handy when finishing up Carnivore Cure’s food toxin database.

Be well and get your daily vitamin D from the sun.

with ♥️ and hope for healing,

While I am a nutritional therapy practitioner and provide nutritional support, I am not providing medical advice. Any information provided in regards to nutritional therapy should not be considered medical advice or treatment. Always consult your primary care physician or medical team.

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