Manage Stress for THIS Reason

Sent by JUDY CHO | April 11, 2021

We all know diet is fundamental to health but what about stress? In Carnivore Cure, I dedicated my pages and graphics to the criticality of stress management.

As I’ve been reviewing many hair mineral tests lately, I literally see the effects of stress on our cells. I need to do a solo podcast-YouTube soon about my changed opinions on electrolytes. I’ll let you know when it comes out. (Right now, my podcast and YouTube channel are focused on digestive support tips.)

Stress does a lot of body, bad.

For one, it raises the body’s overall need for the adrenals to pump out more cortisol.

Chronic cortisol focuses the endocrine system on supporting the adrenals only.
What do you think happens to the thyroid and sex hormones (bye-bye).

If we remove processed high carb, high seed-oil toxins, then we lessen the load on the adrenals to manage imbalanced blood sugar levels to support the glucose-insulin rollercoaster.

But we still need to support the adrenals by lowering life stressors and the way we view and handle stressors. If we don’t, we will never feel optimal health.

This is why when women get into menopause, they get hot flashes.

The ovaries are handing over hormone production to the already taxed adrenals.
Those hot flashes are the same output your body has when you are about to make a public speech or go in for a big interview. Same sweating. Same nervous system processes.

Maybe if we support our adrenals earlier on, we won’t have as terrible menopausal symptoms.

Mineral Wheel

All minerals have relationships as either antagonists or synergists. These are just fancy words saying minerals either work together or compete against each other for absorption (and consequently, displacement).

The mineral wheel is very complex and this graphic doesn’t even consider heavy metals or vitamins that also facilitate or impede mineral processes. For example, some heavy metals remain in the body as specific minerals are deficient. Remember the table of elements? All these elements (metals and minerals) have weights and sizes. If you are missing a specific mineral, your body will sometimes force using a heavy metal that’s similar in makeup to allow the body to function.

Fascinating, no?

If you can’t seem to balance your minerals, you may need to better manage your stress.

What I want you to get from these graphics is that everything our body does and produces requires nutrients. Excess stress requires cortisol to manage stress. Chronic stress can cause a lot of harm to the body, including gut permeability.

Any imbalance will impair normal function.

So when you start eating meat-based, you win more as you eat the most nutrient-available, nutrient-dense foods.

Now hair tissue mineral advocates love veggies for minerals. I’ll share more on this soon. But most of our plant foods are depleted of minerals. Thank the GMO soils for that. I talk in-depth about GMOs and the loss of minerals in Carnivore Cure.

Below are sample tables from the book. I haven’t dived into this much on social media but if you think about it, I love how non-meat-based advocates say we need plants for minerals, antioxidants, and for hormones. Well, considering all the pesticides and herbicides (organic or conventional), the mineral depletion of our soils, and all the anti-nutrients, I’m sorry, I just don’t see it.

Sure, eat them for variety. But limit consumption.

Plants have toxins (antinutrients and sprayed chemicals) and are low in nutrients. They also fill your stomach so that you can’t consume bio-available, nutrient-dense meats.

  • Stress produces more output. (and burns through minerals)
  • Chronic stress produces chronic cortisol output. (burns through more minerals and creating more serious imbalances)
  • Chronic cortisol output causes inflammation in the body (things begin to break down in the body).
  • Chronic cortisol output also means thyroid and sex hormones take a backseat to the adrenals and cortisol production. (lowers progesterone, hello estrogen dominance).
  • Chronic cortisol output also means gut permeability and the risk of breaking down the digestive process. (how will the body make cortisol with poor nutrient absorption?)

Remember, everything in the body (even function or production) requires nutrients.

Manage Stress. Your health depends on it.

Next week, I’ll get into stress management tips. But I’ll leave you with some ideas below.

I hope you are having a really nice start to the spring season.

We are enjoying the nice weather, even though it’s high allergy season.

If you are struggling with seasonal allergies, it’s time to work on the gut. You can take temporary support like Histoplex-AB but you need to work on strengthening the small intestine, where most of your immune system resides.

None of the plants above with all their issues will help this cause. (And I didn’t even mention the pains of fiber.)

Stick to meat-based. Your allergies just might give you a break this year.

with ♥️ and hope for healing,

While I am a nutritional therapy practitioner and provide nutritional support, I am not providing medical advice. Any information provided in regards to nutritional therapy should not be considered medical advice or treatment. Always consult your primary care physician or medical team.

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