Fruits and Meat: Is it Safe?

Sent by JUDY CHO | February 12, 2022

It’s never easy to share about organ meats and fructose but I made it through this week pretty unscathed! And after having no clean water for several days, we finally have clean water after the Texas ice storm. Overall, I say it was a pretty good week.

This is the second year that the Austin winter caused a halt in clean tap water. I always think of the people that walk miles for clean water. I am humbled each time and rather than complaining, it makes me deeply grateful for the privileges I have.


STUDY OF THE WEEK — Meat-Based Uric Acid Decision Tree

I promised a decision tree last week. So for the first time since my management consulting days, I opened up MS Visio and put my thoughts on paper. It was very nostalgic as it reminded me of my late hours working on corporate projects (but for a paycheck). I now do this for clients but it’s more than worthwhile.

Dr. Johnson’s video was pretty powerful for our meat-based community and I hope you had a chance to watch it this week. It’s available on YouTube and all podcast platforms.

You can find the full decision tree as a PDF. I marked it as a draft as I plan to vet this with Dr. Richard Johnson. Remember, this is not medical advice.

Check last week’s newsletter for a deeper discussion about uric acid. There are nuances with higher uric acid levels when you are following a ketogenic diet. Just to be clear, meat and lots of fruit, honey and/or alcohol are not ketogenic. You are likely not producing enough ketones to be in a ketogenic state.

Follow the decision tree and consider all things before determining what is and is not safe for your individual body and lifestyle.



These things are never easy to talk about.

I understand the reasoning behind why raw milk is banned and why having safe places for heroin would even be an option.

⚠️But understanding the logic behind something doesn’t mean it’s rational or the best decision.

❓How are we allowing our children to gain excess weight during a pandemic, especially when we’re terrified of it?

❓How are we allowing our children to gain weight with a virus that has far worse outcomes with weight gain and obesity?

❓Are we being taught to eat the wrong things?

❓Or are we missing the mark by doing all the “easy” things for pandemic protection but not focusing on the root cause issues that we can reverse?

💡In the last 2 years, we could have reversed most diabetes type II with a meat-based diet, even better manage type I with a meat-based diet or with a smart allocation of carbs.

💡We could have reversed most obesity with a meat-based diet.

These illnesses can be preventable and reversible with diet.
🥩Type II Diabetes
🥩Insulin Resistance (Hyperinsulinemia)
🥩High Blood Pressure
🥩Mental Illness
🥩Gut Disease

❓Why aren’t we using dietary education to combat this pandemic? No, eating less saturated fats and using more canola oil is NOT dietary education.

🥀We are having our children fight a losing battle.

🚫Goldfish, Mac & Cheese, PB&J sandwiches and Honest Juice boxes are not healthy foods. They should be rare treats for our children.

🤕Maybe we would’ve never needed the heroin if we had proper mental health from nutrient-dense foods for our bodies.

❤️‍🩹Maybe instead of band-aiding every situation, it’s time we go back to eating an animal-based diet.

⛑I want my boys to grow up with healthy friends and community. And I will continue to advocate for these things until that day comes.


CATG PODCAST: Uric Acid and Fructose

In this week’s Cutting Against the Grain episode, Laura and I talk about the discussion with Dr. Richard Johnson and what this means for our community.

  • What is gout? And standard care’s recommendations
  • Normal ranges for uric acid
  • What is uric acid? What are purines?
  • What does it have to do with liver and organ meats?
  • How uric acid can be different for ketogenic diets
  • The concern of eating fruits + honey + liver with a meat-only carnivore diet
  • What if you can look healthy and seem to tolerate the additions?
  • Modern-day fruits
  • Why is beer risky for carnivores?
  • The polyol pathway (switch)
  • Two camps of Carnivore: Healing illness & metabolic syndrome vs. health has a hobby
  • What the science shows
  • Liver can store toxins
  • What to do with hyperuricemia (high uric acid levels)
  • Dehydration: Drink to thirst
  • Sweeteners
  • How, when and how quickly you are consuming fructose is key
  • Exercise and uric acid
  • CGMs don’t measure fructose
  • Fruits and fructose load (examples)
  • Breakdown of honey and sugar

Listen Now!



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It’s an incredible experience you don’t want to miss. I hope to see you there!

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NwJ PODCAST: Expert Reveals Why Carnivore with Honey, Fruit & Liver May Make You Sick — Dr. Richard Johnson

Dr. Johnson has published over 700 studies and is a professor of medicine at the University of Colorado. He is also a clinician, educator, and researcher. He is board-certified in internal medicine, infectious diseases, and kidney disease and is the founding editor of Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology, one of the main textbooks on kidney disease.

For more than 20 years, he has led research on the cause of obesity and diabetes, with a special interest in the role of sugar (especially fructose) and uric acid. His research has been highly cited, published in top medical journals, and supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health. He is the author of The Sugar Fix and The Fat Switch and just released the book, Why Nature Wants Us to Be Fat.

We discuss the following:

Kidney and the role with High BP (introduction)
Different kinds of sugars we consume and where they’re metabolized
How Glucose converts to fructose in the body (polyol pathway)
What is uric acid, purines, nitrogen and meat
For Gout, what’s worse: fructose, purines or alcohol?
Fruits and Carnivore
Can we eat too much fruit?
Honey a health food?
What if you can tolerate fructose and appear healthy? Athletes? (Para feeding study)
How fructose is the only sugar that reduces cell energy
Why nature wants us to be fat (fructose and fat storage)
What makes us obese
Why meat-based diets (with very limited carbs) may work
Why organ meats like liver aren’t ideal and how livers store toxins
Liver health testing
Why fruit drinks and fructose liquids are harmful
Uric acid levels
Higher uric acid levels on a ketogenic diet

You can listen here and watch here.

Watch Now!



Make sure to check out part two of the Dr. Richard Johnson interview. We talk about hydration, salt and blood pressure. He will be joining me in March so if you want me to ask him additional questions, let me know.

I will be asking what amount of purines he thinks is safe to consume daily (I’m sure this is really individualized) and what amount of fructose he thinks is safe for daily consumption. I’ve heard Dr. Johnson and Dr. Perlmutter mention 20 grams but I want to confirm as I want this information to be as applicable as possible.

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Make sure to check out part two of my interview with Dr. Richard Johnson.

Don’t worry about salt. It’s the amount of water that matters. Stay tuned. More fascinating information releases Monday!

with ♥️ and hope for healing,

While I am a nutritional therapy practitioner and provide nutritional support, I am not providing medical advice. Any information provided in regards to nutritional therapy should not be considered medical advice or treatment. Always consult your primary care physician or medical team.

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