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Sent by JUDY CHO | June 26, 2021

In celebration of a big birthday milestone, we’re having the biggest sale on Carnivore Cure’s paperback and ebook!

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Carnivore Cure’s Audiobook made the number one release charts on Amazon. (THANK YOU!) The audiobook has been updated with some changes and it will not read the exact same as the paperback and ebook editions.

We can heal most imbalances within the body by starting with a meat-based elimination diet. If you consider every single elimination diet, not one elimination protocol removes meat. (The vegan diet is not an elimination diet).

Whole30, Paleo AIP, GAPs diet, FODMAP: The one thing they all have in common is that they reduce some plant-based foods but keep in most meats from Day 1.

Carnivore Cure takes it to the next level by removing all plant-based foods from Day 1: it really is the ultimate elimination diet.

Traveling and Snacking on Carnivore

This week on the Cutting Against the Grain podcast, Laura and I discuss how we eat meat-based while traveling. We talk about our favorite snacks and how to eat out with cost in mind. You can check out the podcast, here.

How to Achieve Your Goals

This week on the Nutrition with Judy podcast, I shared some of my tips to be the most effective. I always get asked how I juggle homeschooling two boys, writing a book. and having a full-time private practice. I share my tips in this podcast.

You can check out the YouTube video, here.

Make sure to subscribe to the Nutrition with Judy podcast. There are a lot of insightful interviews coming soon. On Monday, I release Part 1 of a two-part interview with Dr. Robert Cywes. If you’ve been carnivore or on a meat-based diet for over a year and not feeling your best, this discussion may bring you some additional insight.

We get into the weeds with bloodwork, different meat-based foods and macro ideals. You don’t want to miss it!


here. Watch here.


Coming soon. Make sure to


It’s Officially Summer!

Make sure to get out in the sun to get nature’s vitamin D on the skin. And if you use a lot of sunscreens, I highly recommend you read my sunscreen post before applying.

You want to get plenty of vitamin D (from the sun and not necessarily supplementation), especially if you consume organ meats and vitamin A-rich foods often.

with ♥️ and hope for healing,

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