Microblog: Why I Should Try Carnivore? – Food Freedom

Many people believe that a carnivore diet is limiting. Many believe it’s too restrictive.

But is it?

❓If you suffer from metabolic disease but meat gives healing, is that freedom or restriction?

❓If you suffer from disordered eating, does abstaining from addictive sugars now give you freedom or restriction?

🌈Sure, we don’t eat every single color food dye or every single rainbow plant-based food, but is that what defines freedom?

⛑I prefer to stick with meat, have better mental health, heal a sick body and reduce inflammation.

❓What more freedom can we have than optimal health that finally allows us to live our best life?

💡If you live to 80, trying Carnivore for 90 days is only 0.003% of your life. Worse case, you can always go back to where you are today. Who knows, the 0.003% fluke experiment may just change your life. ♥️

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