Microblog: Ways to Support Detox – Skin

If you notice dry skin on a carnivore diet…

❓Are you undereating? (Thyroid-related)

💧Are you drinking enough water + electrolytes? (Minerals)

✖️Are you limiting fat? (Cholesterol)

⚠️The trend is high protein and leaner meats but if you do this for a few months and notice dry skin, your body is begging for some fat.

💡Cholesterol is used for







🧈Fat is also one of the 3 key lipids that form the waterproofing membranes in the skin’s outer layer (stratum corneum).

🛡The fats in the skin are what form the permeability barrier (how the skin protects things from getting inside).

🔥And remember, if your body is stressed, that cholesterol is priortized for cortisol.

So, if you’re:

❗️over consuming sugars and carbs,




❗️dealing with mental stress in life,

🧈you may even need MORE fat.

🥩If you’re getting dry skin on a carnivore diet, find ways to lower stress and eat more fat.

💡Too much lean protein (too often) on a meat-based diet, is not ideal for thyroid and hormone health.

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