Microblog: The Benefits of Exercising + Fasting

Another benefit with fasting is adding in exercise.⠀
🏃🏻‍♀️Exercising while fasting can give you an energy boost.⠀
💉Exercise can bump up your blood sugar levels a bit while in a fasted state, especially if you’re feeling a little low in blood sugar levels. I highly recommend monitoring blood glucose levels while fasting. It gives you a decent pulse on how you’re doing while fasting.⠀
⚠️Remember to always go with how you feel. If you ever feel weak, it may be time to stop fasting.⠀
🧠 While fasted, you’ll have more mental clarity and improved mental clarity means you’re more focused during your workouts.⠀
🏋🏻‍♀️Increased adrenaline while fasting helps you power through those extra tough reps.⠀
💪🏼The combination of fasting and exercise also yields acute oxidative stress, which benefits your muscles.⠀
✅Exercising while fasting can also help manage stress and anxiety, boosts growth hormone production and improves overall body composition. Exercising while fasting will also raise your testosterone levels.⠀
💧Make sure to hydrate before working out. Drinking water right before you work out, will not be sufficient. If you properly hydrate before and after a workout, you shouldn’t experience any post-exercise food cravings. Those cravings tend to come because of dehydration.⠀
💦Drink a cup of water with mineral salt or a cup of bone broth, 45 to 60 minutes before you plan on working out. This will help stave off any dehydration concerns, all while balancing electrolytes.⠀
💫To conclude this fasting series, here’s my last 2 cents. First. Know yourself. If you come from a place of disordered eating, know if you are using fasting for the right reasons. If it’s causing you to refeed by bingeing and giving you emotional duress like anxiety, then maybe another avenue of healing is better for you.⠀
💡But if you know that you can safely fast and you’ve been eating strictly carnivore for over 6 months and have incorporated other lifestyle changes, such as movement, prioritizing sleep, lowering stress— and still have no luck with (excess) weight loss— you may want to try fasting.

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