Microblog: Real Life versus Social Media – Cutting against the Grain

We know the saying “it must be real because it’s on the internet.” And even though we know it, it’s easy to believe a lot on social media.

♥️We follow someone because of a post or two. We get to know them and like them.

Then we think everything they share is true.

❗️But a lot of social media is curated.

🎩You can see changes to the CATG thumbnail. My @CarnivoreCure designer magically removed bag straps and grew me an arm.

❓What else are we seeing on social media that isn’t real? Or on mainstream media?

👥Many of us see things on social media and then implement them. But for some reason, it doesn’t seem to work the same way for us. As humans, we tend to self-blame. It’s our fault it didn’t work.

But MAYBE it’s not you.

💥Maybe you were sold something that was curated, for you to act or follow.

Sorry, but NO ONE does social media long-term from the kindness of their heart. (especially large accounts)

✖️Two pounds of meat.
✖️You can’t gain weight with meat.
✖️You don’t need supplements.
✖️You don’t need exercise.

🥀These dogmas never worked to improve my health. And instead of changing course, I blamed myself.

⛑I Carnivored harder until I realized that these rules don’t hold true for me. And when I started my practice and started working with hundreds of meat-based clients, I realized it doesn’t hold true for many.

These dogmas hurt people.

💡Most of my female clients DO NOT eat 2 lbs of meat and many of them DO need supplements temporarily.

🥩As much as I stand for a carnivore diet, I don’t subscribe to dogmas. This is why I choose meat-based, focusing on the individual and taking healing one meal at a time.

🦋We’re all different and we must honor our individual bodies.

🔑My carnivore may be different than yours. We must find our own path. And as I always say, there is no award for perfect carnivore. Instead, find what helps you heal.

🦄Don’t follow the TOO GOOD to be true. Listen. Learn. But then FIND YOUR REAL true and good.♥️

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