Microblog: Lean Protein Isn’t Ideal for Carnivore

If you choose to eat carnivore, higher fat is ideal.


🔥Our body primarily wants to use fat or glucose for energy. You have to pick a side. (Randle Cycle)

🧬Proteins are essential building blocks for the body. Our bodies use protein only when needed but not out of preference.

🐄I suspect that ex-carnivore advocates that were fans of grass-finished nose-to-tail end up abandoning the diet because:
⚠️They are eating too lean (and have no ideal energy source)
⚠️They ate too many organ meats

💡You would think eating the best quality meat sources AND eating nutrient-dense lean organ meats with even some vitamin C would give you the BEST health on carnivore.

❗️It doesn’t hold true.

In actuality, most carnivores that eat that way do not last a year.

🦋The thyroid is part of the endocrine system and the endocrine system needs fat.

❗️Without fat, you risk hormone (and thyroid function).

❗️It’s not the need for carbs. It’s the need for fat.

❗️And you can always reduce fat levels once you are fat-adapted.

🥩🧈For example, when I first started carnivore, I ate ribeyes with 1-2 tbsps of fat. That’s about 80% fat, 20% protein in terms of total calories.

🥩Nowadays, I eat only ribeye with limited added fat. That’s now about 70% fat, 30% protein.

🎢If you feel low energy on carnivore, you might be eating too lean. If you add carbs and feel better, you probably were eating too lean.

💡You have to pick a side for energy and protein isn’t one of the sides.

⚠️Lean protein is ideal for weight loss but it’s not ideal for longevity.

⛑I’d rather have a little extra meat on my body (where women store extra sex hormones) and have optimal health.

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