Microblog: Gut Health Connection – Hormones

We focus on hormones. If progesterone is low, we focus on increasing progesterone. If our estrogen is high, we focus on lowering estrogen.

⚠️For most, it’s a band-aid.

🥀Many imbalances start in the gut. This is WHY I focus on gut health for root-cause healing.

🧪We need to make sure and have enough stomach acid. Not enough stomach acid will have less nutrients for your hormones and also risk autoimmune if gut imbalances proliferate.

♻️One of the ways our microbiome plays a role with hormones is that good bacteria recycle hormones in the body.

🗑The liver will send the hormones to the intestines to be removed from the body. Glucuronidation is a phase 2 detox pathway that helps the liver remove this estrogen. (test via PCR stool tests)

❗️If you have too much of the enzyme, beta glucuronidase, it will inhibit estrogen from being removed.

Learning lesson?
🔅Have good gut health
🔅Have good liver function (why hypervitaminosis can add a tax to the liver that also has to produce bile for a high fat diet)

⚖️And when there’s an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, well that causes mood imbalances, immune responses and exacerbates leaky gut.

🍩And you can also have imbalances of hormones from the foods we eat.

🌾Just like we don’t like certain foods for our palate, our digestive process doesn’t like many foods we eat in modern processing. This causes stress to the body and the release of the stress hormone, cortisol.

🚨Add to this load, toxic foods of excess sugar and processed foods with refined vegetable oils, now you’re causing chronic low-dose inflammation, taxing your adrenals, poking holes in your gut and forcing cortisol to also balance blood sugar.

🔥And don’t forget life stressors and trauma. If you’re living a life you don’t want to be (relationships, job, financial, location, etc.), you’re spiking your cortisol daily.

💣Here’s the hard facts: if you think your hormonal imbalance is from a lack of carbs, you’re following the wrong nutritional advice. #sorrynotsorry

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