Microblog: Carnivore Diet – The 9 Rules to Live By

Here are some simple tips to get start on a carnivore diet.

🤕You may have already gone through a low carb flu but it’s important to watch your electrolytes. If you ate avocados daily and now don’t eat them, you may initially feel a deficiency in potassium. If you stop eating any nuts, then you may feel a deficiency in magnesium.⠀

🧂If I ever feel muscle aches, headaches or overall weakness, I take my own cocktail of electrolytes. (Since being meat-based for over 2.5 years, I never need this anymore. Extra salt and occasional mg spray do wonders.)

🍸8 oz of water⠀
½ tsp of potassium citrate powder (optional)
¼ tsp of mineral salt⠀
Magnesium spray– since magnesium is best absorbed through the skin. I usually spray a couple times a day and if needed, a couple more spray right before bed.

💡Try magnesium spray if you feel muscle aches and restless legs at night. Spray direct on calves (or where muscle aches).

🚫You don’t have to count calories or macros. Eat when hungry. Eat until satiety. If you eat too lean of meat, and don’t feel well, up the fat. If you have the runs, decrease the fat and try meat stock or bone broth. If the runs persist, it’s time for some gut healing supplements. It’s amazing how much your body is a well-oiled machine, IF you let it be. Heal first and then focus in weight loss.

🏆Organ meat is very nutrient-dense and incorporating is ideal. If you can’t, try cod liver and salmon roe. If you can’t, then try salmon, sardines and egg yolks with your muscle meats. Try to incorporate fatty fish.

💧Drink water and salt, as needed. There is no recommendation for salt but low energy and heart palps can be contributed to low sodium. Drink half your weight in ounces. (150lb = 75oz). ⠀

🍽 The diet will ultimately lead you to OMAD (one meal a day) or TWOMAD with long breaks from eating but many do not intentionally intermittent fast. Some add fasting for weight stalls. Do what works for you.

🥩There are some that say to cook beef rare to preserve the nutrients. I say cook to preference because it’s better to consume meat well-done than no meat at all. ♥️

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