Thoughts on Ray Peat – A Review

Disclaimer: This is my opinion based on preliminary research of Ray Peat’s body of work and my client experience in a clinical setting on thyroid health (read: hormone and endocrine health). This is not to disrespect Ray Peat, the person. I have not read probably even half the research and writing he has done and …

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Carnivore Cure: The Ultimate Elimination Diet

Carnivore Cure is the first elimination protocol to explain how to adopt a meat-based diet to bring about healing. Get back to optimal health by finding the perfect foods to fuel your individual body. Most elimination diets work to a certain extent but fail to consider all the individual, physical symptoms, and food sensitivities. Most …

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Eat these Foods and Live Forever

Okay maybe not forever, but these foods will definitely make you feel like you have superpowers. The world is riddled with nutritional guidance on spescific foods being great sources of vitamins and minerals. That’s great and all but what do we need to eat in order to hit our daily recommended value of vitamins and …

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